Art Lessons in English! :)

Launch date: 13th September free trial session!
Regular session: every Sunday 10-12 midday.

During our art sessions, students discover all the tricks and techniques how to capture:
- space and texture
- chiaroscuro and proportions
- compositions of the art work.
Our students are actively encouraged to:
- be creative
- be sensitive to the beauty of art works
- expand their imagination
- learn patience, precision and how to reach their desired goals.
Each art session gives our students more confidence, more skills and visible progress in their work.

Regular sessions: Cost: 320 PLN per 120 minutes per one month for person/ 290 PLN- offer for sibilings for person.

Individual Art Lessons: Cost: 180 PLN per 120 minutes (1-2 children).

Make sure to sign up today! :)
All school children and their parents interested, please call the following number for more details:

Claudia Płachetko: +48 572 165 732